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Sia by feeleroffeels Sia :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 0 3 Qwibes by feeleroffeels Qwibes :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 0 1 Kelley by feeleroffeels Kelley :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 0 3 relaxing by feeleroffeels relaxing :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 0 3 Amy Winehouse smiling by feeleroffeels Amy Winehouse smiling :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 1 3
recovery in reverse
No one Everyone likes you
You're a waste worth it
What about the scars proof of strength?
But the mirror shows otherwise a perfect figure
You're ugly perfect
You're useless make a difference
You're a failure success
Kill yourself Wake up
Go to sleep Stay motivated
You can't do this anymore
Grab Put down that blade
Who even needs recovery
The first step to recovery is...
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Mature content
Summer :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 0 3
Amy Winehouse contrast by feeleroffeels Amy Winehouse contrast :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 0 5 Regina Spektor #2 by feeleroffeels Regina Spektor #2 :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 1 0 Regina Spektor by feeleroffeels Regina Spektor :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 1 3 Self portrait by feeleroffeels Self portrait :iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 0 0
I've disappeared
The alcohol burns like my friends burn themselves
It numbs like the cuts on my friends thighs, hips, and wrists
It kills feelings like my friends kill themselves
Like one would kill a bug on the window
The ropes and blades and burns slice
Directly into this skin of mine
It's a domino effect
I haven't slept
Every single cut, burn, bruise, rope, empty pill bottle
People whom I care about
And people I don't know alike
They all wind up on me, etched into this skin, this (un)conscience
How do you talk friends out of suicide
When you can't do the same to yourself
2 months clean and I can't do it
I can't make it through this summer
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Out of sight
Out of mind
Pants and sleeves
Hide the lies
Out of range
Can't hear a thing
Headphones block life out
With singing
Too deeply hidden
Block the feelings
Put on a smile
To hide your shortcomings
Live in your head
Show nothing
Want to be in bed
:iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 4 7
i don't know anymore
Do I want to die?
Or do I want everyone else to?
Do I want to cry?
Or just for attention from you?
Are my parents right?
Do I stay up too late at night?  
Do I have potential, or am I a failure?
Do I want to have potential, or do I want to fail?
What exactly do I want?
Is what I want possible,
In this frame,
This lame?  
Do I want it to be fair?  
Do I want help?
Am I desperate,
Or do I just not care?
Do I want to stop,
Or keep building marks?
Do they actually help,
Or are they just empty scars?
"they're only temporary, they don't help"
Are they?
What if I do it again?
And again? What then?
Does anyone know who they are?
What they want?
I hope I'm not alone
In my lackadaisical hope
:iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 5 8
dance up to the beat
Dance up to the beat
Let it motivate your plea
You're not alone
Music (and me) tells you so
Make up your mind
Don't waste your time
Going over things
From your past life
For if you dwell
On old thoughts
You will surely not
Get anything you really want
Do not live to please others
You will not succeed
People have different opinions
It just makes you bleed
Just a bit of advice
Even though
I still don't know
How to follow it myself
:iconfeeleroffeels:feeleroffeels 1 5
my weekend
My friend relapsed
And cut all over himself
Another friend relapsed
And cut all over herself
An aquaintance relapsed
And cut all over herself
That same friend who first relapsed
Attempted suicide
all over relationship problems
Why is it that people do not realize the insignificance of relationships
Why do people get so attached?
"but I loved her/him" is something I hear a lot
Are you sure you loved them?
Or you just felt teenager feels
I highly doubt that they would have lasted all of high school, and then some
People that I love are so dumb
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Violet Blackman
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United States
I tend to do depressing things. Be warned of potential triggers


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